Corporate Philosophy

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Mission Statement
  • Operate at the forefront of business reform and innovation, aiming to create long-term sustainable enhancement of corporate and business value while helping usher in a new era of business and economic management
  • Create a truly professional entity, aiming to become a model organization in professional services
  • Foster world-class management personnel with frontline experience gained from addressing complex business situations
  • Pursue value creation through long-term commitment and shared risk, while addressing key issues in investment, corporate governance and business management that impact capitalist societies worldwide
  • Continually extend the boundaries of our capabilities, leading a positive cycle of insight and implementation to create a new paradigm for strategic business development
Management Policy
  • We will continually pursue our primary mission to increase corporate and business value, and align our interests with those of our clients and society
  • We will share risk with key stakeholders, committing implementation-oriented professionals to the business front line alongside our clients to develop practical solutions and add tangible value
  • In return for our contribution to fundamental increases in corporate value, we will seek compensation at a level accepted by our clients as fair and appropriate, and will never pursue our own short-term interests at the expense of clients or society
  • We will develop our company as professionals with a shared philosophy, strong work ethic and mature business sensibility, operating as a flat, fair and open organization that values self-enterprise, has a willingness to take on challenges, and promotes learning from one-another
  • We will construct a corporate governance structure founded on sound partner governance, retaining a high level of independence and providing a clear pathway to professional growth and leadership for the next generation
Code of Conduct

Eight Questions

    1. Is your mind free from many ties?
    2. Are you running away from the reality in front of you?
    3. Are you thinking and acting with the head and heart of the chief executive and the party concerned?
    4. Are you pursuing actual results instead of just talking about ideals?
    5. What is your essential mission? Are you loyal to your mission?
    6. Are you proud of what you do every day to your family, friends, and society?
    7. Are you fair to your colleagues, clients, and stakeholders?
    8. Are you tolerant of diversity and heterogeneity?