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From the management team to the business front line, we embed IGPI professionals at critical points in your organization to ensure effective implementation of strategic change.

In order for management reform to take root throughout a company, organic links have to be planned and created that marry the business aspects of reform, such as redefining strategic domains and restructuring portfolios, with the financial aspects, which include capital requirements and risk assessment. Planning also has to encompass company-wide organizational design and the establishment of management processes and tools.

At IGPI, we serve our clients through teams of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge about every element of business reform, from operations and business processes through to finance, management and governance. We objectively assess businesses’ core competencies and resources, offering powerful insight and practical solutions. And of course, we work with our clients to take our business reform strategies out of the document and into the real world, by supporting project implementation from deep within our clients’ organizations.

Company Project A: Planning and implementing management reform throughout company (including strategy and business development in emerging markets) through on-site collaboration at clients’ headquarters and business units

Company Project B: Supporting business portfolio optimization and associated divestments and withdrawals, dispatching advisory teams on long-term assignments to our client

Company Project C: Assessing business structure in a complex entity and devising strategy for multiple levels within the corporate group, helping determine appropriate resource allocation and analyzing the associated financial impact

Strategic subsidiaries needed to be addressed in the context of the entire business group. How do they fit into the overall business portfolio? Is there sufficient collaboration within and between businesses? Are there any shortcomings in corporate oversight and governance? And what kind of management structure should be used to make the most of group business resources?

Our approach at IGPI is to gain a clear understanding of stakeholders’ positions and thinking, aligning everyone’s interests to develop a detailed action plan based on three main themes:

1. Determining the subsidiary’s positioning and core strengths (addressing the business)

2. Assessing risks and clarifying funding requirements for sustainable growth (addressing finances)

3. Considering governance and management structures, including business alliances and other forms of external collaboration (addressing the organization)

As well as offering our diverse perspective as shareholders, managers and hired-gun business turnaround specialists, our teams include people with first-hand experience of management reform in their previous roles at parent companies and subsidiaries. Working within our clients’ organizations, we can identify effective, actionable plans for each of the three strategic themes while using our understanding of complex stakeholder relationships to ensure alignment and commitment from all parties involved.

Company Project A: Developing business plan for critical domains, and implementing business reorganization strategy for a complex parent and subsidiary group

Company Project B: Defining the growth story for a listed subsidiary and creating a plan for transitioning to 100% parent-company ownership

Company Project C: Determining appropriate governance and management structures for a strategic subsidiary and dispatching executives from IGPI to implement action plan

When identifying and strengthening core businesses and operations, the reform team has to have a clear overall vision while understanding the business stage—growth, maturity, or decline—of each target so that implementation activities can be prioritized. Initiatives to reform business operations have to be supported by strong financial analysis, encompassing capital funding requirements and risk assessment, along with care to ensure that the right organization, personnel and monitoring structures are in place to enable effective strategic implementation.

At IGPI, we believe that the complex and wide-ranging requirements of successful growth strategy implementation are most effectively met by providing close, on-site support from embedded professionals who are committed to proposing and then implementing solutions in concert with our clients.

Company Project A: Identifying overseas business opportunity, deciding on core implementation strategy, and supporting business establishment through joint investment and dispatch of personnel

Company Project B: Increasing operational efficiency by placing personnel in an overseas manufacturing subsidiary in China

Company Project C: Developed a growth strategy and supported client company by providing both human and financial capital