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Our seamless, integrated M&A advisory services encompass the entire transaction process, from strategic planning and deal execution through to post-merger integration.

Inorganic growth is usually only one of many available strategic options. So when companies are thinking about M&A, managers need to have very clear aims—and be prepared to reconsider how best to achieve those aims as situations evolve.

At IGPI, we provide comprehensive M&A planning and execution support from within your company, helping tie together the separate threads of company and take-over strategy to create coherent, dynamic road maps for successful inorganic growth initiatives.

Company Project A: Establishing and implementing a capital policy for a large-scale company

Company Project B: Devising a strategy to increase enterprise value at a listed subsidiary and advising on subsequent divestments

Company Project C: Advising on special situation transaction, such as the sale of a subsidiary of a company undergoing court-directed rehabilitation

For a company to undertake a truly successful M&A process, its business strategy and M&A strategy must be consistent. When management teams fail to align these strategies, even the most promising M&A project can lead to the destruction of value.

IGPI brings strategic planning professionals and M&A professionals together in teams able to provide one-stop support for strategic M&A, from the earliest stages of strategic planning through to comprehensive guidance on specific transactions.

Company Project A: Creating business strategy and implementing capital injection from a strategic partner

Company Project B: Advising on business strategy and business spin-off

Company Project C: Advising on debt-equity swaps for listed companies undertaking business restructuring and capital increases

In M&A, post-merger integration is just as critical as business strategy. History has shown that the quality of PMI initiatives is key to achieving the aims of M&A. To conduct effective PMI, it is vital that specific, detailed measures are implemented rapidly and successively, tailored to the circumstances of each transaction and adapted as necessary from the hypothetical foundation constructed during the M&A process.

IGPI integrates PMI planning into the earliest stages of M&A initiatives, ensuring that PMI strategy can be implemented rapidly after transaction closes. We provide strategic, organizational and institutional support for the entire integration process, embedding our professionals alongside yours in the new organization.

Company Project A: Advising on acquisition in Asia by Japanese company and providing full on-site PMI support, including creation of a medium-term business plan

Company Project B: Advising on transaction and providing PMI support for M&A by a major systems integrator

Company Project C: Planning and implementing PMI for an acquisition by a real estate developer