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Theory alone is not enough. The strategies we develop for business reform are always specific and actionable, because we commit from analysis through to actual implementation.

New business development is undertaken in two stages: planning and execution. In the planning stage, it is critical to consider business fundamentals. Key questions include:

1. Will the products and services appeal to customers?

2. Has a profit focus been embedded into the structure?

3. Can a competitive advantage be developed and maintained?

The answers to these questions must be clearly addressed in a detailed business plan.

In the execution stage, businesses have to simultaneously manage customer and channel development, construct an operating foundation and create a functioning organizational structure, while ensuring strategic alignment and consistency.

IGPI’s professionals work with clients from concept to start-up, complementing the expertise always found in clients’ project teams with additional knowledge and experience gained from IGPI’s work in diverse arenas.

Company Project A: Creating comprehensive new business development plan, scoped to include overseas business opportunities and M&A

Company Project B: Developing plan and core guideline for seed technology assets held by major listed company, and providing support through the execution process

Company Project C: Supporting technology innovation through strategizing, consolidating company infrastructure, building more robust financial foundation and pursuing win-win business collaboration

In order to accelerate the growth of an existing business, its strategy and business plan must be absolutely first class. History shows that for successful reform, the principals involved must be:

1. smart and energetic;

2. able to work effectively among organizations with diverse values and processes; and

3. able to create strong overall alignment while adapting implementation methods to the situation at hand.

IGPI has deep experience in planning and implementing reforms in many different industries. We work closely with our clients, applying the business and financial knowledge of our professional team in an integrated process to make your growth vision a business reality.

Company Project A: Drafting and implementing growth strategy, embedding personnel for the implementation phase and executing PDCA cycle

Company Project B: Creating M&A-driven and other growth strategies and committing IGPI professionals front-line implementation support

Company Project C: Developing strategic options for growth, and providing direct support for both operational issues and the funding procurement required to finance growth initiative

For a great many Japanese companies, the most important and pressing management issue is to find ways to grow in the global economy. Adopting a global strategy is not for the faint hearted—in nearly every market, multinational corporations are already locked in fierce competition, particularly in rapidly growing emerging markets. Companies seeking to establish a position in those markets must redefine their competitive position, build a detailed understanding of the facts on the ground in each country and region, and accurately and confidently implement business and financial strategies optimized for each market.

IGPI has substantial experience in new business development, business restructuring and business regeneration, particularly with regard to expansion in Asia. Our ability to add tangible value to our clients’ strategic development goes far beyond providing initial assistance with market positioning, third-party appraisal of core competitiveness strengths and other such activities; in the majority of cases we work with clients right through the implementation process. Moreover, we provide M&A advisory services in alliance with local partners throughout Asia, and are able to invest our own capital in joint projects with clients.

Company Project A: Creating and implementing business expansion plan that include stronger collaboration with Chinese and other Asian companies

Company Project B: Helping large-scale manufacturer create road map for expansion in South East Asian and Indian markets

Company Project C: Supporting the establishment and implementation of business, financial and organizational strategies for IT-related company in China

True business planning is not something that can be undertaken as a part of routine business administration. Although it is seldom necessary for a company’s business direction to be dramatically reconsidered every year, it is essential to assess current policies and plans in relation to the external environment, review internal resources, benchmark core strengths, and determine whether the company’s competitive position is being continually reinforced or allowed to erode. In order to build a sustainable increase in enterprise value, you also need to implement a strict PDCA cycle to keep your company strategically and operationally on track.

Our job at IGPI is to stand alongside our clients as business managers and drivers of reform, considering issues from multiple viewpoints and also drawing on our experience in more esoteric areas, such as organizational dynamics and stakeholder management that are only infrequently encountered by career businesspeople working for a single corporation.

Nothing beats experience. We put ours to work for our clients, combining sophisticated financial modeling with detailed strategic insight to develop business plans for the short, medium and long term.

Company Project A: Reforming company-wide strategy, formulating medium-term plan, and creating PDCA structure for business, finance and organizational management

Company Project B: Developing strategic pillar, medium-term business plan and alliance initiatives based on long-term (end-game) competitive assessment

Company Project C: Assisting client negotiations with financial institution requiring evidence of robust strategic business planning in order to continue providing critical financial support

As globalization continues and the competitive environment changes, the creation of new frameworks for growth is an important theme for all companies—especially those operating in developing nations—that are pursuing true global optimization of development, manufacturing and sales. For sustainable growth, there has to be total coordination between management direction at the boardroom level, and business direction at the front line, including systems and data.

The Nextech Company, which is part of IGPI, provides specialized on-site consulting services for development and production in the manufacturing industry. Nextech creates teams of business and financial professionals who provide integrated support, from concept to implementation, for reform in everything from management decision-making to development, production and sales, tailored to each client’s situation.

Company Project A: Planning and implementation support for initiative at parts maker to increase visibility on profitability by product and enable more effective management control through PDCA

Company Project B: Development and introduction of company-wide IT grand design at electronics maker

Company Project C: Creation of structure at automobile parts maker to manage lifecycle profit and loss by product