Industrial Growth Platform,Inc. IGPI

  • From the management team to the business front line, we embed IGPI professionals at critical points in your organization to ensure effective implementation of strategic change.
  • Theory alone is not enough. The strategies we develop for business reform are always specific and actionable, because we commit from analysis through to actual implementation.
  • As well as committing IGPI’s human resources, we share financial risk and return with our clients and other stakeholders, working together to increase long-term value.
  • Our seamless, integrated M&A advisory services encompass the entire transaction process, from strategic planning and deal execution through to post-merger integration.
2018/5/8 Announcement of subscription to third-party allocation of new shares by Ac-Planta Inc. company history
IGPI Profile (Animation)
2018/3/12 IGPI Office Moved
(Relocation to a new office within the Gran Tokyo South Tower building)
2018/1/10 Announcement of subscription to third-party allocation of new shares by Michael Inc.
2017/12/20 Notice of Registration of Investee Company on China's OTC Market “the New Third Board”
2017/11/27 IGPI Singapore website opened
2017/10/27 Acquisition of Hitachi Electric Railway & Transport Service by Michinori Holdings
2017/10/1 Appointment of Kohki Sakata as new Partner
2017/6/30 Founding of JBIC IG Partners
2017/6/1 IGPI establishes Hokkaido Office
2017/3/21 Investment in software parallelization technology venture company, Oscar Technology Corporation
2017/2/21 Acquisition of Nanbu Bus, Inc. by Northern Iwate Transportation, Inc.
2017/2/10 Announcement of subscription to a third-party allocation of new shares by Okamoto Glass Co., Ltd.
2017/1/4 Appointment of Takashi Muraoka as Managing Partner along with Kazuhiko Toyama
2016/10/31 Acquisition of Toya Transportation Inc. by Michinori Holdings by means of share transfer
2016/10/1 Appointment of Shinji Hamamura, Aiko Mochizuki, Shunsuke Numata and Kayoko Tanaka as new Partners and Managing Directors
2016/6/30 Investment in smart parking system provider SPOT, Inc.
2016/4/25 IGPI Opens New Office in Hanoi
2016/4/1 IGPI Singapore Office Moved
2016/3/7 Investment in US communications software venture company nCore Communications, Inc.
Article CEO Kazuhiko Toyama’s article was published on Japan SPOTLIGHT, Japan Economic Foundation (March/April 2016)