Who we are

The Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI) Group joins the frontline of management as a player to resolve issues that arise in various aspects of corporate and economic activities, while continuing to work tenaciously on growth for realizing “true” transformations.

Message from Managing Partner

Managing Partner Takashi Muraoka

Managing Partner

Takashi Muraoka

“What is Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI)? We’re on a mission to realize industrial transformation and growth while also serving as a platform for the transformation of each member of society.”

Since our establishment in 2007, we have been expanding our consulting business in fields including new business development, structural reforms, M&A, corporate revitalization, manufacturing reforms and AI/DX solutions. At the same time, we operate public transportation systems in various regions of Japan through the Michinori Group and have established investment company Japan Platform of Industrial Transformation, Inc. (JPiX) with the aim of building sustainable societies in local economic zones. We also operate NordicNinja, one of the top venture funds in the Baltic region. In the field of AI and advanced technology, we have established Advanced Technology Acceleration Corporation (ATAC) to accelerate incubation activities.

What connects all these activities at the fundamental level? That is the fact that they spur transformation to the organization as a whole, from management to workers on the ground. Organizations must continue to change, whether they are a consulting business or an investment business, whether they are a big or small company in any industrial field, no matter which stage of growth the companies are at and whether they are a global or local player in the economic zone where they belong. It is IGPI’s mission to tackle the issues faced at industrial frontlines and keep driving transformations. IGPI is a platform where human resources that continue to take up the challenges of industrial frontlines gather. Together with all of you, we will realize growth that encompasses contributions to social reforms through industrial transformation, which will lead to transformations of the lives of each and every person.


The following is an overview of IGPI.