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Takashi Muraoka

The environment surrounding Japan and the world is becoming increasingly opaque. Due to the combination of diverse factors including geopolitics, changes in the natural environment, technology/technological innovation and demographic changes, decision-making by management is growing in importance.

Since the Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI) group was established in 2007, we have tackled management issues that our client companies face, resolving problems at times as an adviser, at times as a capital business partner and at times as owner management after succeeding a business. And in every case, we have combined human resources (hands-on dispatch), wisdom (consulting) and funds (provided by IGPI or through external procurement) to provide optimal and unique solutions. We have gone beyond the frameworks of conventional management consulting, M&A advisory, investments into funds and ventures, and AI/technology consulting to constantly grappling to come up with the best solution from the sole standpoint of sustainably enhancing the corporate value of our client companies. This value proposition of ours will remain unchanged.

Meanwhile, changes in the challenges for corporate management are becoming more apparent along with the rapid changes in external environments. Needless to say, strategy planning and execution support tailored for each field will continue to be an important theme in terms of management. Such fields include new business development, global market strategy, manufacturing reforms, digital transformation (DX) strategies including AI and big data, M&A and ensuing Post Merger Integration (PMI), and business revitalization. However, we are in a time and environment in which there is heightened demand for business organizations to have the response capabilities for executing these strategic themes. We squarely see this organizational ability itself as the source of corporate value and will work together with client companies to improve the organizational ability, namely to execute corporate transformation (CX).

The IGPI group’s mission is to strive to be a firm that provides professional services and work together with clients to resolve problems in times when management – regardless of company size, industry and nationality – faces unprecedented challenges. To that end, we will constantly throw ourselves onto the forefront of management innovation as vanguards and continue to take up challenges in the management frontier while expanding the scope of our fields. We aim to build management together with client companies and offer a new paradigm to the world.


Takashi Muraoka has led numerous cases on business revitalization as well as M&A and growth strategy formulation and implementation in China and other Asian markets.
He is outside director of Shin Nippon Koki Co., Ltd., Ikegai Corporation, and INCJ, Ltd. and a former Senior Adviser of Financial Services Agency.
He was Managing Director at IRCJ and led turnaround cases such as Mitsui Mining, Misawa Homes, Sankei and Daiei. Prior to IRCJ,
he dealt with M&A and project finance transactions at Sanwa Bank (currently MUFG Bank, Ltd.) and covered the telecom industry at Morgan Stanley.
He holds an MBA degree from UCLA.