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Announcement of subscription to third-party allocation of new shares by ACES, Inc.

Tokyo, May 22, 2019 – Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI) has underwritten a third-party allocation of new shares by ACES, Inc., which is engaged in providing research and development services involving AI.

ACES is a venture company that originates from the University of Tokyo’s Matsuo Lab and provides cutting-edge AI algorithms and AI solutions centering on deep learning. Through the development of AI that can be easily introduced and utilized in various business situations, the company aims to automate and make efficient a wide variety of tasks which involve people in order to realize a simple society where anyone can be full of life.

IGPI will offer advice concerning overall management matters to enhance ACES’ corporate value and continue to assist AI start-ups by utilizing IGPI’s network resources.

Overview of ACES, Inc.

Main Business: AI solutions and API/application provision
Date of Establishment: November 20, 2017
Representative: Koichiro Tamura, CEO

Takayoshi Kawakami
Tel: 81-3-4562-1111

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