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Announcement of subscription to third-party allocation of new shares by DeepX, Inc.

Tokyo, July 31, 2020 – Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI) has underwritten a third-party allocation of new shares by its investee DeepX, Inc.

DeepX is an AI startup affiliated with the University of Tokyo’s Matsuo Lab. Its mission statement reads, “Automating Any Machine and Innovating Global Industries.” The company aims to resolve on-site issues that many industries face, including labor shortage, lack of skilled workers and back-breaking tasks, making full use of various technologies including AI, automating various machineries and promoting the automation of a wide range of tasks.

IGPI will continue to provide support concerning overall management matters to enhance DeepX’s corporate value.

Overview of DeepX, Inc.
Main Business: Provision of support for machine automation and on-site work automation, business development utilizing AI technology, software development, R&D
Date of Establishment: April 22, 2016
Representative: Kaoru Nasuno, CEO
Corporate Website:

Takayoshi Kawakami
Tel: 81-3-4562-1111

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