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Announcement of subscription to third-party allocation of new shares by FTL, Inc.

Tokyo, October 11, 2019 – Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI) has underwritten a third-party allocation of new shares by FTL, Inc., which is engaged in the research and development and the provision of ultraprecise flat processing technology.

FTL is a Nagoya Institute of Technology-originated venture company which develops ultraprecise flat processing technology, a unique polishing technology that involves not only the surface of materials but also adjusting the atomic arrangements within them. The edge of a blade processed with ultraprecise flat processing technology can be sharpened to as thin as 0.25 nm, which is the thickness of one atomic layer. For example, in terms of the cutting process in which the contact point with work material is microminiaturized, the technology can be effective in reducing heat generation during processing, diminishing the distortion and improving the processing accuracy of the work material, and prolonging the operating life of cutting tools. Ultraprecise flat processing technology is already being used for silicon carbide, which had conventionally been considered difficult to polish, and is utilized widely for items including heavy electric devices. Henceforth, the technology is expected to be put to practical use in various industries and situations where there are needs for cutting and polishing.

IGPI will offer advice concerning overall management matters to enhance FTL’s corporate value and support the dissemination of ultraprecise flat processing technology developed by FTL by utilizing IGPI’s network resources.

Furthermore, IGPI’s Partner Takayoshi Kawakami has assumed the post of COO at FTL upon this transaction.

Overview of FTL, Inc.

Main Business: Provision of services utilizing ultraprecise flat processing technology, manufacturing and sales of processed goods
Date of Establishment: September 2, 2019
Representative: Osamu Eryu, CEO / CTO

Takayoshi Kawakami / Nonha Lee
Tel: 81-3-4562-1111

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