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Announcement of subscription to third-party allocation of new shares by Homura Heavy Industries Corporation

Tokyo, February 25, 2019 – Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI) has underwritten a third-party allocation of new shares by Homura Heavy Industries Corporation, which is engaged in the development of Electric Fish-cluster Control.

Homura Heavy Industries is a University of Tsukuba-originated venture company which promotes the development and practical utilization of its original Electric Fish-cluster Control using ICT, with the aim of realizing efficiency in the aquaculture industry.

While demand for food increases along with the growth of population globally, aquaculture production around the world is expanding against the background that there are limits to natural fishing resources. In the domestic aquaculture industry in Japan, serious labor shortage due to the aging of workers is recognized as a social issue. Amid calls for improving efficiency utilizing new technologies, Homura Heavy Industries aims to create new businesses in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan through the development of innovative new technologies in order to respond to the aforementioned societal needs.

IGPI will offer advice concerning overall management matters to enhance Homura Heavy Industries’ corporate value and continue to assist start-ups that are science and technology-based by utilizing IGPI’s network resources.


Overview of Homura Heavy Industries Corporation

Main Business:    Research and development of robots specialized in outdoor environments, development of living organism-cluster control technology

Date of Establishment:     February 25, 2016
Representative:   Yosuke Furusawa, CEO



Aiko Mochizuki / Sho Yamashita / Takaki Wada
Tel: 81-3-4562-1111


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