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Investment in software parallelization technology venture company, Oscar Technology Corporation

Tokyo, March 21, 2017 — Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI) announced its investment by subscription to a third-party allocation of newly issued shares by Oscar Technology Corporation (Oscar Technology), a provider of software parallelization technology.

Today, the improvement in processing speed of a single processor is approaching its limits and using multiple processors in parallel programming (multi-core processors) is becoming a trend. When utilizing multi-core processors, optimizing the programs for multi-core processors (parallelization) to help reduce processing time and to control power consumption is getting increasingly crucial.

Oscar Technology was found to commercialize software parallelization technology researched and developed at Waseda University. This technology is a parallel programming tool that can automatically parallelize sequential software to help enhance performance and power efficiency in a multicore environment. Oscar Technology provides this technology under a conversion software (OSCARTech® Compiler) that can run on a PC.

The most important feature of OSCARTech® Compiler is that it conducts multi-grain parallelization processing that enables entire programs to be parallelized, even those that could not be done using existing automatic parallelization technology. This will allow the company to expand into areas such as automobile control systems and industrial robot control systems, where large amounts of calculations are required by complicated software.

IGPI, along with providing overall business management advice to enhance Oscar Technology’s corporate value, will also use their networks and resources to promote the diffusion of Oscar Technology’s automatic parallelization technology.

Overview of Oscar Technology
Main business activities: Software parallelization services, Consulting
Date of incorporation: February 2013
Representative:  Takahiko Ono, President

Takeshi Saito / Ryuji Kojima / Atsuyuki Sakai

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